Score: n/a with 1 ratings and reviews. Last update: 05-19-2020. That's actually not a bad idea.Garcia: *gasps* Oooh, perfect! How are we supposed to get him back to the way he was in a week?Hotch: I don't know, but we can try.Blake: *shakes her head* I don't think we can do it.Morgan: It's okay, we just have to keep him from doing anything stupid.Rossi: *struts in with a big leather bag* Hey hey hey!Morgan: Yeah, we're fucked.Blake: Hey David... what's in the bag?Rossi: The souls of a thousand kittens! ?Morgan: Uh...Rossi: His name is Dr. Perkins Tiny-Head. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Hotch: *is charging down the stairs, still pulling the girl*Vee: OW OW OW! *grabs the girl by her arm and drags her away*Rossi: *picks up the remnants of his sculpture* She ate it head-first. ?Rossi: *slams the door and starts up the car*Vee: *there's pounding* My mommy's gonna shoot you in the head!Rossi: Mmhmm... *drives off**they soon arrive at an old barn outside the city*Rossi: *climbs out, opens the trunk, and grabs Vee*Vee: I CAN SCREAM REALLY LOUDLY! * scrapes the candy back into the bag* TO THE MICROWAVE! Hell, why didn't I do that? I shave my head. 30 Rock (2006) - S04E10 Black Light Attack! Place your order and enjoy your favorite series. Rossi: *sighs and puts down his utensils* There. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Blake: e.eRossi: I'm just kidding, it's candy. Morgan: It's shaved! - Anna Hicks? *walks away*Reid: *puts down his papers* Wow Hotch, that was really... hateful.Hotch: Well, you people are my family. *a little girl around 8 runs in* Hotch: Um... hello. *notices that Blake and Hotch have gone away* ...Well then. *runs over and hugs him*Strauss: ...Right. *keeps doing his paperwork*Blake: *walks over* We have a case.Hotch: Dammit...Blake: *raises an eyebrow* Don't worry, it's local, and we have enough information to make the profile a no-brainer.Hotch: *sighs* Alright. Morgan: Shaved. I shave my head.Vee: No, you're bald.Morgan: It's shaved!Vee: Bald.Morgan: Shaved.Vee: Bald!Morgan: Shaved!Vee: BALD!Morgan: SHAVED! !Vee: ...Your goatee makes you look like someone's evil twin.Rossi: *is about the smack her*Hotch: *walks over* What's going on here?Rossi: She ate my chinchilla!JJ: She spit mushy caramel in my face!Vee: Why is everybody always picking on me!? A Girl Has No Name T-Shirt Online in Pakistan | GoT T-Shirt. I mean seriously, colored skinny jeans are SO last year.Vee: ...*kicks him in the shin and runs away*Rossi: HEY, COME BACK HERE! In the script for 12 Angry Men, the characters names are just 2nd Juror, 3rd Juror, etc., and I'm trying to write someting that similar that might apply, but I'm currently using the names Driver, Passenger #1, Passenger #2...Passenger #6. Or Perky, for short.Morgan: *chuckles* Perky, huh?Rossi: Yes, Perky. !Reid: Yeah... it actually really is.Hotch: *sits down with a huff* I'm going to stay here all day and keep an eye on them.Reid: Okay then. *scoops up the girl*Hotch: ...Your daughter shouldn't be here.Woman: I know, I'm sorry! This was a survival strategy used to basically keep other members of groups watching offspring that weren't even theirs, no matter how annoying it happened to be. She has been taunting my agents all day long!Woman: Not my sweet little Vee!Hotch: Oh, yes. *points to Blake* And you're wrinkly! And nobody, not even a child, gets away with hurting my family. It looks dumb.Rossi: *scoffs* You look dumb. *stomps her foot*Rossi: *looks at her in disbelief* ...Because you're a bitch?Hotch: STOP. - Hicks. *walks away with her daughter*Vee: *looks over her mother's shoulder and sticks her tongue out*Garcia: *sticks her's out right back*'Blake: Okay, I want to know why we're butt faces and Reid's cute.Hotch: It's called the Reid effect.Blake: ...The what?Reid: It's... complicated.Blake: *sighs*. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. CAPICHE? *runs at her*Vee: *throws Perky up in the air, and he gets stuck to the ceiling*Rossi: :OVee: *smirks*Rossi: *slowly looks down at her*Vee: e.e...?Rossi: *smiles* I am going to fucking murder you.Vee: O.O ...Oh no. *awkward silence*Reid: ...A Chinchilla?Rossi: Yeah! But please keep her away from the other agents and at your desk.Woman: *nods* Yes sir. *sways forward and back slightly*Morgan: Well hi Vee. *walks back through the crowd* Sorry, excuse me, I like your hat, has anyone ever told you how attractive you look in a bullet-proof vest?Hotch: DAMMIT, ROSSI!Rossi: *shuts the doors behind him**there's a minute or so of commotion, then shots are fired*Rossi: YES! Strauss was right; we diagnose problems, we don't fix them.Blake: *frowns*Strauss *walks in, holding Perky* Can someone please explain why there was a lump of dirty caramel on the floor?Rossi: DR. TINY-HEAD! *the head is in fact a golf ball sized bud on the sculptures small body*Rossi: I only had a few caramels left, okay? !Morgan: Well, you did endanger the lives of all of us, the hostage, and that child but... whatever.Blake: We're honestly not surprised.Rossi: ...I love you guys.JJ: Aww, we love you too you crazy Italian bastard! So what is it?Rossi: A Chinchilla! *walks off with the rest of the team*Rossi: BYE MA BITCHES! *they look over to see Vee rocking back and forth on the ground, a blanket wrapped around her*Reid: Oh jeez, she's traumatized.Rossi: ...Think I went too far?Reid: ...Nah.Rossi: YES! My name's Derek. *waves him in the air*Rossi: *glares* This. Vee: Bald. *they get in each other's faces*Vee: BALDIE.Morgan: BRAT.Garcia: Guys, stop!Vee: *points to her* SHUT UP, YOU'RE FAT!Garcia: D:Hotch: *steps in front of her* That's enough, where is your mother?Vee: I don't need to tell you! Stay out of trouble.Rossi: Kay. *stands up*Blake: You okay?Hotch: Is it normal to hate a child?Reid: Psychologically no, because our brains have been programmed throughout time to make out certain features of babies and children to be cute, thus provoking a parental instinct. *pats Perky's head*Hotch: Come on Morgan, we have to move.Morgan: *puts a hand on Rossi's shoulder* We're going out to make an arrest, okay? *starts screaming*Rossi: *covers her mouth again and walks to the barn**many agents including the rest of the team are there, pointing their guns at a man who has a knife to a young woman's throat*Rossi: *opens the doors with a loud bang* 'Scuse me, pardon me, sup guys, just doing some business, nice jacket! *carves a little more out of Perky's ear*Morgan: Good. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Vee: No, you're bald. No one has that name. SO PUT IT DOWN BEFORE I THROTTLE YOU UNTIL YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A LITTLE PILE OF POND SCUM ON MY FLOOR. !Morgan: I see... well, does he have a name?Rossi: Do unicorns fart rainbows! BUT ROSSI, YOU WENT TO FUCKING FAR THIS TIME. David went way too far, plain and simple.JJ: *sighs* So you don't want to help him?Hotch: *shakes his head and looks at Rossi, who's dancing and singing with the others*Rossi:When I walk in the BAU, this is what I seeI see lots of unsubs fleeing from meI got profiling in my genes, and I ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it!I'm Rossi and I know itHotch: ...Does he NOT belong in a mental hospital!? THAT MONSTER!JJ: It's okay, Rossi. *lets go and walks away*Rossi: ...And a wonderful night to you too, friend!JJ: *shakes her head* Why did you do that? *runs after her*Vee: *darts in between the cubicles*Rossi: *follows clumsily, knocking over cups and flinging papers into the air*Vee: *throws down a garbage can in his way*Rossi: *sees it* I AM A GAZZEELLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE *jumps over*Vee: *glares, then darts into a room, slamming the door behind her*Rossi: *skids to a stop and starts pounding on it* COME OUT HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A WOMAN, YOU LITTLE SHIT!Agent: Um...Rossi: *turns around to see everybody looking at him across the messy room*Agent: *taps his foot*Rossi: *sighs, and starts picking up the papers*Vee: *slips out while he's still cleaning*, 5 Minutes LaterRossi: *sits down at his spot, and notices Perky is gone* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHINCHILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A!Vee: You want him, come and get him! small. *smiles* Vee: You're bald. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011), The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S10E22 The Cognition Regeneration, Friends (1994) - S09E10 The One With Christmas In Tulsa. *dumps out hundreds of individually wrapped caramel squares*Reid: ...Why?Rossi: Well, I figured the BAU needed a mascot, so I'm gonna melt these up and mold them into it!Hotch: Hmm.

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