Other important information includes: View Alexa Frontino - Microscope Calculations Worksheet.pdf from LE 12 at Farmingdale Senior High School. advertisement SBI 3C Microscope Calculations 1. Explain each part of the compound microscope and its proper use. 2. a) What is the highest magnification you could get using this microscope ? Calculate the missing values in the table below: Eyepiece Lens Low Power Objective Medium Power High Power (4 X) Objective (10 X) Objective (40 X) ... Below is the drawing you did of the cell you saw under your microscope. Microscopes Field Of View Magnification Teaching Resources. Microscope Calculations Worksheet. um? Worksheet 1 - Calculations Related to the Microscope Anne viewed an amoeba under the high power 40X objective lens on her microscope. 3. Microscope Practice Worksheets Teaching Resources Tpt. b) If the diameter of the low power field is 2 mm, what is the diameter ofthe high power field of view in mm? IOx X 50 x =5OOx To calculate the dFOV, you will need to place a transparent ruler on the microscope stage and Calculate The Linear Magnification Of Drawings. 30 Soft C Worksheets 4th Grade. Microscope Calculations: Field of View, Object Size, Drawing Magnification When looking into a microscope, you will see a lit circular area. c) If 10 cells can fit end to end in the low power field of view, how big is each cell in mm ? Calculating Magnification Worksheet 1. Introduction In this laboratory you will be learning how to use one of the most important tools in biology – the Examine larger specimens with the stereoscopic dissecting microscope. Microscope Calculations Worksheet. in micrometers ? Examine a variety of cells with the compound microscope and estimate cell size. Complete the following chart by calculating the missing lens or total magnification: Total magnification Ocular (eyepiece) magnification 80X 5X Lens magnification 10X 40X 10X 100X 500X 50X 2. Microscope Basics Worksheet For 9th 12th Grade Lesson Planet. The distance across the center of the circle is referred to as the diameter of field of view (dFOV). She drew the following picture of that amoeba: She needs to calculate the magnification of her drawing.

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