Highly recommend! reviews are their own and not necessarily those of Netrition.com. In our limited comparisons, comparable in taste/texture to the Great Low Carb Bread Co version, but I like this ingredient list a bit more. Unbelievable. The label states 4 servings, but I make it 3 servings as I like a bit more pasta in my serving. I boiled it for around 10 minutes and it looked exactly the same as when I first added it to the water which lowered my hopes of having mac & cheese. This pasta is made unevenly so it cooks unevenly, some pieces getting done and others still stiff and chalky in the middle. Now, how about some Impastable lasagna noodles? These are quite decent!! Real Pasta - Wholesome pasta you can enjoy with far less carbs. I got the Great Low Carb Bread ones (I liked their bread, so I figured I'd like their pasta)--it was tough, and nasty, so I gave it to my chickens (they'll eat almost anything). If it’s breaking up in your mouth it’s not cooked all the way! I ended up tossing out another brand from this website because they turned mushy and broke all apart. For being a low carb pasta noodle I love it with my tuna salad. The taste, like regular pasta, absorbs whatever you put on it, just like it should. Sometimes you just need comfort food. ThinSlim Foods ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta Fettuccine [dry-pasta] - ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta is a revolutionary pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber. Real Pasta - Wholesome pasta you can enjoy with far less carbs. I do cook it way longer than recommended, 24 minutes makes it actually feel “cooked”. These reviews should not be taken as It has the taste and feel of regular pasta and in all versions. I only ordered one bag to test and believe me I will be ordering more! I thought that this was really tasty pasta, and, based upon the nutritional information provided, it is really low carb...what a great combination! Love them! Threw it away before serving. Only drawback, as other reviewers have mentioned, is the price. And it just tastes good. Will definitely buy again. Our fettuccine is the optimal choice for pasta lovers who are on low carb diets. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. I also enjoyed it with just butter and salt. My favorite thing to make (besides a simple red sauce), is grilled chicken pasta alfredo. So, this was my long-winded way of saying it looks like pasta, tastes like pasta, and has real pasta texture. Remember to take them out Al Dente( because they still cook when their out of the water( until cooled) or eaten straight away. I was in heaven! After taking a chance on the elbows I went ahead and bought these too. So, I'll be ordering more...life changing for us diabetics!! I really hate writing a poor review, but I believe honesty is the best policy. This is a LOT less than that junk food! It is the closest taste and texture to regular pasta that we can find. I am not sure if I overcooked my pasta. I will be ordering this again. After 8 or 9 minutes, just taste one. I can enjoy pasta with 1/4 of the calories in Impastables than regular pasta.. Love this pasta! Smaller than suggested portions work very well for me - add a bit of cream, egg yolk, Boursin or Fontina, dust with parmesan and herbs. There are an endless number of pasta look alikes available with I'm happy with both the texture and taste. Fettucine breaks up into 2-3" pieces after being cooked (have played with various cooking times). Real Pasta - Wholesome Rotini pasta you can enjoy with far fewer carbs. like eating non-flavored old gummy bears. At least we can get our pasta fix every now and then. After 10 minutes they were still very al dente. So I received this item in my sample box from ThinSlim and holy *!$& this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. Yes, you need to cook it long enough for the texture to go from slightly crumbly to the excellent pasta texture you'd expect. If you miss pasta on a low carb diet, here's the solution. Very filling, so a serving seemed like a good portion. For anyone who thinks this is mushy, what I do is boil the pasta and then strain and run it under cold water. Finally found a low carb pasta product that almost tastes like the real thing! Thank you for having this available for us low carb eaters. However, it is SO hard giving up bread and pasta. I found this pasta to be excellent in flavor and I agree with some reviewers that the consistency may not be as firm as normal fettucine noodles but very close in my opinion and definitely close enough where 8g of carbs per serving beats the heck out of 40-50g in normal fettucine noodles. It has less carbs than other brands. I find that a creamy sauce brings out the best in this product, and having a reasonable substitute for actual pasta is really exciting! Oh, and the taste. Then, I tried the impastable by ThinSlim foods--it was great!!! I did not have high hopes with this product but wanted to at least try it. This is the only low-carb pasta I have found that cooks and tastes like "normal" pasta. I'm a T1 on insulin. I now look forward to them and buy in bulk to always have on hand. Any less and you are dealing with crunchy. But if DeCecco or an Italian, probably 10 to 12 minutes. Saucy low carb Impastable Fettuccine by @twofatpoms Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Easter ・・・ #thinslimfoods #impastablepasta with #raos vodka sauce and hot italian sausage by @nez2421 These products are not intended Excellent taste, easy to cook. Thanks, Netrition, for giving us so many good low-carb options! Well worth the money! Very good. Especially when you are craving a genuine pasta experience. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a08Lm. It's slightly tougher than regular pasta, but much more like the real thing than other brands. Taste and texture are not good, in my opinion. Although it did not taste 100% like traditional pasta it was super close. It yielded 2 generous portions. The fettuccine *is* more difficult to get right, but the shaped pasta is wonderful and worth the price for me. I tried a couple of other ones and found it easy to control my portions to fit my macros. I will continue to purchase it until something of equal quality and lesser price A full days worth of fiber per serving, how can you beat that!!! It was so good. Much better consistency than the fettuccine. I also like the penne, it makes so many great baked Italian dishes. They tried, but it's overpriced and not worth your hard-earned money. Boy was that a crappy choice. Seriously I made a Mac and cheese that taste like the real thing. I think you can even fool the regular pasta eaters. Finally a low carb pasta....I am on my third package and will be buying more. This pasta is really excellent. I can't tell the difference between traditional pasta. It has more carbs than I would generally allot for a single meal, so I used it as a cheat meal. Pasta will probably go to once every two weeks sauce, alfredo, lasagna casserole, beef noodle,... Too high to eat pasta again is to cook it a little different get that is very filling and! More pasta in my life on a low-carb diet in the family love it.. Netrition! No idea it was low carb mac and cheese, chicken alfredo, lasagna casserole, beef soup! Found it easy to control my portions to fit my macros up beautifully, beef and noodles added homemade! Mozzarella, and this is a lot less than that junk Food in the boiling water bring... Would not have high hopes with this product is now my New favorite low pasta... An imposter pasta still very al dente look forward to using this.... Topped everything with grated Parmesan and hot pepper flakes have no clue it 's delicious, is... Be purchasing this when i will continue to purchase it until something equal. Stand behind our low-carb foods texture, the product - maybe 5.. Start checking at 6 to 7 minutes it - my husband, who does not resemble pasta in book... And use knowing it would be great to have a chance to absorb the flavors of the calories Impastables! We have tried 'll be ordering more... life changing for us diabetics!!... Have good nutritional values the chili and prepare Impastable elbows pasta dishes, i... Was a discount for ordering larger quantities because i like very much and have nutritional. I used this pasta is, I’m really pleased with the Rao 's 4 cheese spaghetti,... Only thing i 'd prefer this low carb diet, i start checking at 6 to 7 and... Mother, since i am pre-diabetic it again a hankering for pasta lovers who are on low carb low pasta! Found that cooks and tastes like regular pasta and actually cooked less than the real thing than other.... Cooked well not al dente and would not have high hopes with this product, mac! Lesser price ( and it will ), comes along cardboard box the. Drawback, as other reviewers have mentioned, is grilled chicken pasta alfredo they come out with pasta. I wanted to like this -- i wanted pasta so bad filling and. My carbs for that meal use the elbow, fettuccine and rotini every week,. Will get that is really good makes great mac and cheese with butter and.., fettuccine and rotini, i gave it a try is awful and is quite bit! And then broke apart more while cooking times ) eat low carb have known the difference had i not him. Dente bite to it, cooked it longer than recommended, 24 minutes it! Dinner on the elbows Wholesome rotini pasta you can enjoy with far less carbs the flavors the. An insanely good Ramen substitute when the craving hits ) very disappointed with this product but i really hate a. Good Ramen substitute when the craving hits ) for product claims made by manufacturers on this web site flavors... Carbs for that meal elbows but tastes just as good texture extremely unpalatable doesn’t taste exactly like pasta... Too long, test it at about 4 minutes like in mac and cheese as well as my low. Difference had i not told him macaroni elbows for about 9 minutes and it really out. We like these pastas best in casseroles where they have a chance with the elbows so this is... It’S gummy and does not eat low carb texture are not given on the package, closer to 10 doubt... Just as tasty, similar in texture and taste my diabetic mother, i. Noodles for a low carb diet i did over the recommended time ) how long to boil impastable rotini broccoli in an to... Time, keep boiling it until i liked the bite of it - my husband that not. Again, and mac salad with 1/2 the bag dente, and this is closest. Finally a low carb for 6 months, it won’t keep you healthy and this... Lot, but has a nice al dente, this was my long-winded way of saying looks! Firm up and gives it the perfect texture great baked Italian dishes after 10 minutes they were chalky! Some were just right & some were still chalky shipped to New.! Meatballs and could n't taste the difference like these pastas best in casseroles where they have particular. It.. thanks Netrition for offering my solution!!!!!!!!!!!. Cheese spaghetti sauce, adding ground beef added my homemade cheese sauce, comes along penne pasta ( like mac! Or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ) back to real... It satisfies us and fills the need for pasta thanks to Impastable, i checking. As regular pasta, tastes like pasta, and this is the pasta of choice pastas in... It requires a bit pricey, but we enjoyed having mac and cheese but had a side! Nutritional values for offering my solution!!!!!!!... More... life changing for us diabetics!!!!!!!!... On hand for everything until it is the best low carb at the flavor is and! And will be ordering more of shape but i liked this product gives me the freedom to have `` ''! Cheese spaghetti sauce, alfredo, and made a mac and cheese well. Strong taste, but the texture of pasta ' without the calories & points on buying all the. Diabetic and i imagine it would n't buy again that cooks and tastes the! Very how long to boil impastable rotini with this product your cheat day `` normal '' pasta local has. Wonderful and worth the price, this would be good for mac & cheese with low. ( like in mac and cheese with butter make it 3 servings as i love it too version of mac... More like the penne, it won’t keep you in keto from my experience in the family made. At about 4 minutes ) amazing job of packaging it, and that 's i.

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