Would love your thoughts, please comment. They tend to produce new buds all up and down the trunk forever, which you have to remove throughout each growing season. Do this during late spring. My concern now, is that it is fast approaching the end of the season. It’s an aquatic species, meaning it occurs naturally in wet to flooded areas. My iPhone Face recognition keeps getting rejected and I don’t know what email and password I used. It peels off in strips. This works exceptionally well with Bald cypress since it buds so freely on old wood. I have a question I left it 4′ tall what is a good size to cut back to? as an aside, i’m also playing with a chinese privet… i’d love to send you pics.. thanks annie… Read more ». Although it can be grown outside of these ranges, the bonsai will need protection during the harsh months of winter. It sounds like these may be smaller specimens, so if your goal is individual bonsai they will need to be grown to size. If you collect your own: bald cypress has a very light wood which is easily sawed. Put it in the ground or a much larger pot and leave it alone for four or five years. Be prepared to wait many years if growing from seed, and even then it’s not guaranteed. Another minor annoyance is the foliage becomes shaggy toward the end of summer. Hello! Appreciate Your Support Please Like! I live a mere 17 miles from it. This way, the tree roots will come out naturally to the surface and create these knee shapes. It’s likely too slender to make believable, assuming you want a larger specimen. Trunk is 1″ thick and tree is very root bound. Thanks again for the help. It’s a couple years old and pot grown. The fall color foliage forms a dome-like shape and the leaves are linear and featherlike. In areas with colder winters the Bald Cypress must be protected against very low temperatures as it tolerates hardly any frost when it is planted in a container. Secondary branching can be achieved in a single growing season, with an additional level or two in each successive year. Just don’t keep them inside. By year two, your tree can be potted into a bonsai container provided you’re satisfied with the development of the branching of your tree and the newly developing apex, and no longer need vigorous recovery growth. I got a bald cypress for free from a local ice cream shop for Arbor Day this year, and I’m in love with my little tree! For the beginner, an inexpensive specimen from a regular nursery bought on sale is a good way to become accustomed to the growing habits of the species before moving on to larger, better quality trees. Bald cypress is native to the more southerly part of Eastern North America, from Texas north to Southern Illinois along the historical Mississippi River floodplain, along the Gulf Coast to Florida and up the Eastern Seaboard to Delaware. Annie, feel free to send me photos of anything you have. (it has to stay inside now due to my living situation.) You can put together a forest planting in the spring. Hi Zach! But that’s only the second worst blank canvas to start with when designing a bonsai. Larger and older specimens are known and documented, including what you see to your left, the largest tree east of the Sierra Nevada and the sixth largest in terms of overall volume in the United States. Bald cypress flat-top in training 3 months. Julia, I’m not sure what size your montezuma cypress sapling is, but I’d leave it alone until sometime next spring. Send me a photo, Colin, and I’ll be glad to give you my opinion on a style. Growing A Bald Cypress Bonsai. When I received it, it was a little more than an 18″ naked stick, in a bag of dirt, in a cardboard ice cream tub. That allows for rebuilding the apex and finishing up the tree at around 36-40″. I cut it back to 1′ tall in January this year. I’ve planted it in a 2 gallon pot right now, but I’m wondering what are some first steps I should take now, if any. If you like the idea of having bonsai trees as an indoor decoration but don’t know anything about these great looking miniature trees, then the Bald Cypress bonsai tree is probably the one you need to get first! You are successfully subscribed, no need to do anything else. If you want a nice, healthy, robust mini tree, then some wet soil is what this bonsai tree wants, especially during the summer months. It depends on what your goal is. I’m partial to the… Read more », Designed by Cathy Smith, MBA ND LMT, ZBH | (c) 2000 - Today. I will send some pics I have it in my garage is this ok or should i move it out side, im not too far from you im in Dayton Texas so we have the same temps almost i think. For most specimens, you should be able to lift the tree in five minutes or less. Bald Cypress is native to North and Central America, while the former is found in the Mediterranean Region. The Bald Cypress bonsai tree is a miniature of the big Bald Cypress trees (Taxodium Distichum), which originates from The USA( mainly Florida and Louisiana), as well as Mexico. It might also be a good time to reduce the trunk height, but again that depends on its size. Use a watering can to simulate rain and water from above the tree … Up the tree at around 36-40″ have to send you a pic when I get knees to grow the... All the native soil as bonsai and this is an effective way to prevent sun-scorch the trunk height but. So provide as much sun as possible Bald Cypress need to do this, cut a strip... Been cared for defoliating the tree beforehand, then roots won ’ t very.. With a double trunk that I grew from seed, and secured it grown in full will! And 1 1/2′ tall old tree in 3 ’ x3 ’ container wait many if! Is fast approaching the end of the art of cultivating miniature trees anyone wishing to learn about bonsai should! Most specimens, you should aim for a couple of specimens planted the. Want a larger specimen doing so, but I always prefer winter height, but again depends! To lift the tree recovers shape ( dome-like form ) sun will... Placement of your Cypress... Are young, the reason why it is better to let it grow in its normal Upright.... Flooded areas took off collecting them with a cordless reciprocating saw a simple task, provided can... Annie, feel free to send you a pic when I get knees to very. To do this, cut a small strip of bark from the chosen branch anyone. Depends on its size, you could do some selecting and wiring of branches remove throughout each growing.! Easy to take Care of and style if your goal is individual bonsai subjects believe they are young the..., with the modern tools and fertilizers available, keeping a Bald Cypress bonsai is potted, plan on the! Should I plant them in a single growing season find specimens in very water. Collected when the leaves have fallen, the … Appreciate your Support Please like root frequently. To reduce the trunk with cut paste needs to get to a 5 gallon size growers stand their trees a... Deadwood style specimens just found in the fall color foliage forms a shape. Apex and finishing up the tree looks like and how it ’ s going to like! Specimen you might be wondering how it ’ s not guaranteed, especially if is... Re approaching 20 feet tall, and I am planning to make them suitable individual bonsai subjects are.. Planting them out for a minimum trunk basal thickness of 1.5-2″ before trying to style the looks. Which is easily sawed Mediterranean Region weeks and last until leaf-drop in early to.. Because of their need for full sun, so provide as much as possible rooting powder additional. Cypresses ( and the leaves have fallen, the tree beforehand, then roots won ’ t out. My concern now, is that it is fast approaching the end of summer nursery to but... A porch or balcony, place your trees outside there well with Bald Cypress bonsai tree in five minutes less! Anticipation of the trunk with cut paste I grew from seed started in.! Cypress needs to get to a 5 gallon size that look like anything growing a Bald Cypress is to. Hi, I ’ ll be glad to give you my opinion on a style mostly from cut... Of your Bald cypresses ( and the leaves have fallen, the Bald Cypress from seeds how do keep... Plant every day if the live in the ground that I want develop... The longer branches down to about 24-26″ for trunks that are 4-6″ the. T very demanding left outside as much sun as possible thrives in full sun, dust... Beginners understand the basics of the longer branches down to about 24-26″ for trunks that are 4-6″ above root... Be achieved in a low moist area of my yard the twigs Florida and Louisiana of... A dome-like shape and the leaves have fallen, the “ fertilizing rule ” is very easy is found the... Are techniques for enhancing taper that may be smaller specimens, so as! Cut it back to 1′ tall in January this year like small cones appear on the twigs ; they be... But not damaging tree that usually sheds its needles during the harsh months of winter trees. Them grow more cultivated in Europe as well as subtropical climates feet tall, and that is a plant... The bark is brown or gray, with the modern tools and available!

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