Thai red rice is unmilled (like brown rice) and takes longer to cook than polished rice like jasmine. This is good. One cup raw rice yields about 3 cups cooked rice. Use a heavy-bottomed pot with a tight-fitting lid to ensure the steam is retained in the pot during cooking. red wine vinegar, sugar, red rice, red onion, avocado, spice and 3 more Red Rice Salad with Green Beans, Mushrooms and Sardines chives, garlic clove, leaf lettuce, peppers, green … However, because the grains are slender, they cook more quickly than other unmilled rices and use less water. Check package directions: depending on the variety, red rice … Main Course Salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onions, crispy chickpeas, walnuts, coriander, parsley and mint, garlic and tahini dressing. This healthy rice salad is loaded with vegetables and protein. Serve it as a healthy dinner or pack it up and take it along for your next picnic. Bhutanese red rice has a nutty taste and pleasant chewy texture, but any type of whole-grain rice tastes great in this hearty salad recipe.

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