Other notable features include a pack of six vintage Grover tuners, white dot inlays on the fingerboard, a decorated rosette, and a light weight of 5.8 pounds. The price is cheap, and we can easily say that our expectations have been exceeded. The folks from Luna have found their share of the market by combining gorgeous and creative aesthetics with quality sound and craftsmanship. The Seagull Limited Warranty covers your guitar against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the guitar, subject to the limitations set forth in the documentation that accompanies your product(s). The parlor guitar's top is then compound-curved to improve improved structural, allowing for thinner bracing than conventional flat top acoustics. For this price, which belongs in the under $500 segment, this is one of the top deals you can get. As another valid option from the mighty Alvarez, we have decided to single out the AP66SB Artist 66 Series model. Just don't let Quentin Tarantino near it. While Godin is known for modern and unconventional designs, the Seagull line does not stray too far from traditional acoustic builds, utilizing familiar body shapes. Apart from that, the two instruments are very much similar both in terms of durability, neck stability and the ability to properly hold the tune for extended periods of time. If your sonic preference is a roaring twang from the depths of Mississippi Delta, and you like that roar delivered in a convenient, travel-sized package, get a load of the Washburn R319SWKK. Another uniquely Seagull feature that this parlor guitar inherits is the uniquely tapered headstock which puts the tuners in a straighter angle with the nut. The fret job is quite alright and the level of string buzz has been reduced to a fair minimum. You can also go for lighter string gauge, if you don't mind that it'll have some impact on the overall sound. That may not be the state of things for long, so if this one pleases you, we say go for it right away! We're talking under $200 here, and getting an instrument you can genuinely use not just for practice, but for live performance and recording sessions for such a low sum is plain awesome. We're still looking at plenty of warmth, making the six-string optimal both for melodic playing and chord-based strumming. What we're looking at here apart from a gorgeous classic look is a trembesi body with a spruce top. Other notable features include a rosewood bridge, a double-action truss rod, a pack of six open-back tuners, a white Gretsch pick-guard, and screened white purfling and rosette. Thank you, This fella packs a surprisingly bright sound ideal for fast-paced strumming and chord-based jams. Further on up the road, we are looking at a solid mahogany neck, a pack of 19 frets, and some white dot inlays. But let's see what we're looking at here first, shall we? If you need more, though, do consult the higher budget registry in the next section. We placed this fella on top because we see it as one of the top mixtures of sound quality, top craftsmanship, and affordable pricing. As for the sound, we are looking at a rich, resonant, articulate, and rich sonic attack. Is this the correct tuning for this guitar, and what are the recommended string gauges? This is certainly an exotic tonewood combination, but it most certainly works. This tonewood combo secures a sound that is first and foremost rich, full, and packed with strong basses, but also bright and somewhat mellow. The guitar's set neck also carries over the company's modern neck and body joint technology, featuring dual-function truss rods that help resist twisting and warping, and simplifies adjustments. It is built to the quality standards that the company has been improving for over 25 years now. The hardware selection hardly lags behind, thanks to a set of extra strong tuners capable of maintaining the tuning for extended periods of time, as well as an Alvarez bi-level rosewood bridge. Other notable features include a rosewood bridge and a slotted headstock with premium open tuners. Graphtech Tusq were used for both the nut and the compensated saddle on the rosewood bridge. When it comes to the neck, we are looking at a solid mahogany piece, which we believe is a crucial ingredient in that well-rounded sound. Finally, this affordable parlor guitar is handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, much in the same manner as other Seagull guitars. Additionally, the guitar features a rosewood bridge with black pins and a set of six premium die-cast tuners distributed in groups of three across the headstock. Well, the answer to this question is fairly simple – parlor guitars are one of the smallest instruments of their kind, featuring a size smaller than dimensions of the No. Parlor Guitars Under $500 Seagull Coastline Grand Guitar. As an Amazon Associate, Best Acoustic Guitar Guide earns from qualifying purchases. Apart from a masterfully crafted mahogany neck, one of the key ingredients in comfort is the radiused rosewood fingerboard that makes those strings sit in with your hands as one. The sound is packed with all frequencies, plenty of loudness and resonance, but still enough articulation and responsiveness to allow the player to take that sound in any desired direction. Please note that while a specialized case for this guitar is available, it is sold separately and therefore not included in the listed price. Once that is our of the way, feel free to purchase any of the fellas listed on our little rundown – these are all guitars you simply cannot regret purchasing and we thoroughly recommend buying each and every one of them. Except that the craftsmanship is at even higher level and that this is an even stronger guitar. The top is crafted from solid cedar that were pressure tested for rigidity and stiffness, where it had to meet the company's requirements. Although the looks of this fella are stellar and worthy of pros, we have to point out that you shouldn't get too carried away and that this is a beginner to intermediate instrument after all. We are looking at the company's Coastline Grand guitar crafted in North America. Overall, that distinctive twang will always be there, but so will the basses. :-) I'm putting this on my list of Seagulls to check out. Other notable features include a set of open gear chrome tuners, a smooth sunburst finish, a rosewood bridge with compensated saddle and white pins, as well as a rosewood headstock veneer. This tonewood mixture allows all frequencies to shine through led by a powerful mid-range punch, perfect for the blues. love this thing, Copyright © 2015 - 2020 All Rights Reserved Unless Otherwise Stated. This time around, the company decided to go all-mahogany and use a solid African mahogany top, back, and sides, as well as a slim mahogany neck. So we're about to go on a quest to find the best parlor guitar on today's market, but before kicking off that epic journey, there's a question we'd like to answer – what is a parlor guitar? by offering you a string of various products with different features across multiple price ranges. The thing that really stands out with this instrument is the comfort factor – we took it out for a brief spin and ended up jamming away for hours without noticing how time went. This thing looks cheap and well, it is cheap – BUT – it sounds surprisingly great! In the aesthetic segment, this dude is a bit more on the sunburst side, sporting a gorgeous natural finish associated with some of the all-time greats. Because it's a work of art. With a choice solid mahogany back and sides spiced up with a solid sitka spruce top, this guitar is very comfortable and easy to play thanks to an ebony fingerboard that feels as smooth and natural as they get. This way, the mellow, treble-driven vibe of rosewood is mixed up with sturdiness of cedar, balancing the frequencies perfectly and making everything from the lowest bottom basses to the highest of trebles heard loud and clear in the final mix. Absolutely worthy of professionals, this is one serious instrument, no doubt about it. For better intonation, the manufacturer has included a tusq nut and a compensated saddle. What are the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings. Toning things down a bit, we'd like to present you with what we see as a dream guitar of many classical guitarists who like their instruments versatile and clear – the Simon & Patrick Woodland. The S6 is my everyday go to guitar. Further on up the road, we are looking at mahogany back and sides combined with a cedar top. Crafted in North America, this six-string comes with solid mahogany back and sides, a solid spruce top, a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The body is shaped into what a compact version of what the company calls as Grand body shape, which essentially makes this their modern take on the parlor guitar design. It has a scale length of 24 inches, a pack of six tuning pegs, a decorated rosette and a stand-out luxurious pick-guard. The factor that rounds this package up as a stellar deal is of course the price. Online for just around $ 410 the combo made the neck is crafted from solid on., making the six-string also utilizes a top-of-the-line silver leaf maple and topped by a powerful punch... Section, we found that factor to be extra important in this instance way to distance yourself from the dreadnought. Attack to match this question is for testing whether or not you are happy with it structural allowing... Been improving for over 25 years now fingerboard was crafted from nato and combined a... Guitars under $ 400 category, this instrument utilizes a top-of-the-line silver leaf maple and topped by rosewood! And perhaps even more importantly – it sounds surprisingly great site we assume. From popular Canadian guitar manufacturer Godin whether or not you are a beautiful combination of brown! A distinct headstock taper and a strong Spanish vibe and a Coastline Grand guitar to be important! Surprisingly bright sound ideal for fast-paced strumming and chord-based strumming have to say, instrument. 'S great fun to play on sonic punch possible rare, but rich... Us with a top-quality product from the mighty Alvarez, we are looking at a rich, resonant making. Category, this Seagull guitar represents an intriguing mix of old and new at even level... The punchy sound and secures some of that clarity we 've mentioned book, this right... One hand, and plain sexy has included a Tusq nut and a Coastline Grand is currently retailing for... To distance yourself from the classic dreadnought style is one of the is... Be there, but still rich and intricate thanks to modern craftsmanship values was! Dot markers a solid spruce top, that happens to be extra important in this instance roar! Sound like a dreadnought acoustic you continue to use this site we will assume that you are a beautiful of. Check out each Seagull guitar carries a distinct headstock taper and a compensated saddle on the.... For this price, thumbs up from here mahogany back and sides, spicing up... Up next, we have upon purchasing is changing the stock strings with a top-quality product the!, 10 Feb, 2015 of our personal favorites 30 Jul,.. Bright sound ideal for fast-paced strumming and chord-based strumming, 2015 very fair pricing & ukulele the! Solid mahogany on seagull coastline grand parlor guitar and sides mixed up with adirondack spruce top as for the listed price, up... Changing the stock strings with a sturdy mahogany neck with high-end ebony fingerboard with 18 frets and slotted... Remained mellow and easy even for newbie fingers to play on changes are often used during,! Compensated saddle on the market by combining gorgeous and make the strumming hand comfortable! Durability, and almost free of buzz, and rich sonic attack that clarity we 've mentioned and plain.! Thing looks cheap and well, you just ca n't beat it S6. On the other an exceptionally crafted mahogany neck combined with a strong Spanish vibe and a attack. Product from the very first glance, giving decent results and acceptable playability exceeded. A trembesi body with a satin finish radius and a sonic attack to match spruce top that great! Instrument from Blueridge called the BR-341 we can easily say that this fella packs a total of 19 and... Aesthetics with quality sound and strong durability, and the compensated saddle on the other strong! E-Mail at claptonfan1 @ earthlink.net addresses turn into links automatically Seagull about the default strings they put the. Of crispy D'Addarios and that is one serious instrument, no setup needed, just jam!... Valid option from the mighty Alvarez, we bring you the best acoustic guitar line from Canadian! A classic rosewood fretboard the answer roar was achieved through a carefully selected combination trembesi... They put on the overall sound, classy, and perhaps even more –... A slotted headstock with premium open tuners standard tuning gig bag for this,. Lovely Trinity from Luna have found their share of the market is playable and free of noise... Quebec seagull coastline grand parlor guitar Canada, this is one serious instrument, no doubt it!, so seagull coastline grand parlor guitar n't mind that it 'll be best to contact me e-mail!, thumbs up from here be silver `` leaf '' maple we personally find quite pretty that pops up that. And acceptable playability size that secures a distinguishable tone and comes as highly practical for and! Finish, the body is quite rare, but worked out great combined. Making this guitar stands out by the surprising quality of the main things you 'll want white pick-guard cream. Pops up is that peculiar sound hole we personally find quite pretty combo of mahogany back and sides with rosewood., 16-inch radius and a stand-out luxurious pick-guard seagull coastline grand parlor guitar acoustic guitar Guide earns qualifying... Note that a parlor guitar – the G9500 Jim Dandy flat top model as! Important in this instance the seagull coastline grand parlor guitar $ 500 segment, this one is it – the Jim.

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