Don’t worry, we’re not back to the Middle-Ages with the crusade against women who were a bit odd and labeled as a witch to get sentenced to burn at the stake. The burial of the sardine, in Spanish called “Entierro de la Sardina”, is a Spanish ceremony celebrated on Ash Wednesday. The masks are typically hand-carved, and many people enjoy Krampuslauf competitions, competing for titles such as ‘best costume’ and ‘most scary’. Many countries have rather strange holidays that commemorate their distinct histories. Traditionally, young men dress as the Krampus and are accompanied by ‘Nikolaus’, or Santa. This custom ritual, the Hindu Thaipusam Piercings, is bloody but colorful. 3. People in Fiji drink it a lot, and so will you if you ever visit the place. Villagers gather, lift up the home and carry it over quite a long distance. The Blackening and Henna weddings in muslim countries: A strange culture in Islam where women from the bride’s family surround her and paint designs on her feet, arms and hands to symbolize womanhood, provide fertility and luck to the woman. They actually date back to antiquity and were usually prescribed to cure disease and improve health. We must admit, children’s traditions are amongst our favorites, especially if it’s as innocent as this one. Nations become more multicultural, and once isolated traditions may find themselves influenced by foreign stimuli. In China’s Sichuan Province, not so much…. Still, there remains so much mystery in the world and some interesting, and strange, customs that have survived for hundreds of years. The event takes place a couple of days before the actual wedding and is attended by women friends and family. Have you ever been to a hotel and been presented a welcome drink? Burial Ritual in Brazil and Venezuela: When a person of the Tanomani tribe dies, his or her body is burnt. Tomatoes are the new weapons of choice. , 6. While most of these weird traditions are fun and even funny, some are downright horrible. In the Netherlands and Belgium, good children are rewarded by a holy man called Saint-Nicolas. Mordida!”, While it’s obviously a lot of fun for the onlookers, I sill prefer making a wish to the tunes of a nice happy birthday song.Picture Credit: Jon Izagirre /, For most people, their wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of their lives (at least at that moment). The bone and ash powder is mixed into a plantain soup that the people attending will drink. Kava is not to be mistaken for the bubbly goodness that comes from Spain called Cava. These unusual holiday traditions from around the world are totally true and totally strange. To finalize this list of strange traditions around the world today, let’s take a look at what young men of the Sateré-Mawé tribe, who live deep in the Amazon in Brazil, have to go through. Baby Throwing In India. 9. Every year in Lopburi, one of Thailand’s regions Lopburi just North of its capital Bangkok, an annual tradition is held in which monkeys are provided with a feast meal. The couples go deep into the woods to find the flowers and hopefully for them, they find a couple in order to bless their relationship. These days, people are getting married later and later, or don’t get married at all. In America, children believe that when a new tooth has come out, a fairy will leave them money when they sleep. 10 Bizarre Traditions from Around the World That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. As they are doing this, they are allowed to make a wish that their permanent teeth will come out strong and healthy. For almost a thousand years, the Chinese thought that small feet were marks of beauty and desirability among girls. For this reason, Hindus from all over the world celebrate snakes in a festival called Nag Panchami. In rural areas the Krampuslauf traditions sometimes include giving those unfortunate enough to be caught by the Krampus a light birching. Obviously not, but the superstition ingrained in people living in the UK think this particular type of bird brings bad luck, probably stemming from the belief that the magpie was the only bird not to sing for Jesus on the cross. Without a doubt, these things may appear to be wacky to you, yet they’re truly ordinary traditions in different nations. Antzar Eguna literally translates to the “Day Of The Goose” and is celebrated today in the small Spanish finish town of Lekeitio which is located in the Basque region.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'listerious_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_25',146,'0','0'])); If you think this a good day for the goose, think again. To observe strange customs, to admire people in traditional outfits, to gasp at breathtaking sights or to try to understand why the hell people do what they do. What would be a great way to celebrate a Catholic holiday? . 20. Kava in Fiji is a plant extract drink that is said to give a mild euphoric effect. Others throw a baby’s recently liberated tooth on their roofs. This practice is meant to empower the Yanomami tribe and keep the remembrance of the dead person alive.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'listerious_com-leader-4','ezslot_24',145,'0','0']));Picture Credit: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom. Upon arrival from their many travels to sell their merchandise, they would get a dose of their own products thrown at them. This tradition is already held for 200 years in Gloucester. What would be a great way to celebrate a Catholic holiday? In Greece, little children throw their teeth on the roof of their home in order to bring them luck. If you’re 25 years of age or older, prepare to get a cinnamon shower! 8. The Mourning of Muharram is an important period of mourning in Shia Islam, taking place in Muharram, the first month of the ... 2. The people believing in this ritual are convinced that a crying bride during the wedding, and most of the time the crying starts even a month before the wedding, means a happy marriage. The word Krampus has its origins in the old German word ‘Krampen’ which means, ‘Claw’. 15. While this tradition has mostly died out, possibly because it was officially … There are plenty of pre-marital traditions all around the world. There are numerous sports all around the world with animals. This tradition is probably as close as we will ever get to being snails, carrying their houses on their backs. 1. In the late 1940’s, this tradition was stopped because of the debilitating experience that young Chinese girls suffered from. If you have ever watched a rugby game played by the New Zeland national team, you have surely seen the Haka already. Teeth tossing in Greece: Some cultures pop children’s teeth under their pillows and wait for a swap with cold hard cash by a fairy. 18. Mudras literally translate to gestures and are common practice in Buddhism and Hinduïsm. I have gathered 25 seemingly strange, crazy or mad traditions from around the world. The streets are filled with Weird Devil Stuff, like kids in light-up devil horns and lots of things engulfed in flames, and the whole thing generally feels like if Slayer did a Christmas album. Mudras among Hindus and Buddhists: Seals, gestures or marks are put on people, in the belief that they will help the individuals control the flow of life. How Many People Have Visited Every Country? Traditionally, young men dress as the Krampus and are accompanied by ‘Nikolaus’, or Santa. It refers to a symbolic burial of the past to create a better future. In other words, they literally drink the dead person. 10 Horrifying Traditions That Still Exist Around The World. Welcome drinks in Fiji: You may have noticed this when you were welcomed to the Pacific nation. Tomato craze in Spain: La Tomatina is the biggest tomato fight that exists. This strange custom continues up to today where it is considered better to commit it rather than surrender. Instead of just putting the deceased person in the ground, they not just burn them, but wrap them in leaves and put them deep in the tropical jungle for a couple of weeks. Krampuslauf in Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland: Krampuslauf is the scary, devil-like creatures called Krampus that carries cow bells, clank chains and rides through the streets of the Alpine regions scaring children and adults. It is believed that this cleanses the babies of original sin, will help them in their lives and protect them against illness.

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