The Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering/Master of Business Administration dual degree program is for students who want an extended graduate program with depth in both business and engineering. The MEM program is known by different names. Some may call it MSEM (Master of Science in Engineering Management), others may call it SDM (System Design & Management) or Master’s in Technology Management. We live in a time of fast technological changes, so the need for engineers to think in a creative way is more important than ever. For doing MBA, you are not required to complete graduation in commerce field or any other particular field. The dual Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering/MBA is a non-thesis program that allows students who have an interest in both engineering and business to quickly move into management positions in their respective industry, while also increasing their level of industrial and systems engineering … Engineering is a creative profession by its very definition. It depends on where you are at in your career, and where you see it going. MBA course helps you to explore non-technical aspects of a business like marketing, finance, operations and so on. During MBA… If you have a few years of work xp, and you want to transition into R&D, or you want to start making higher level … However, the ever-so-popular MBA degree too sees a lot of candidates coming from engineering … If you are a person who likes to question, invent, explore, discover and create products and systems, engineering … For MBA, students from a variety of fields can apply.

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