Serving the global freight industry with the fastest and most comprehensive news insights and market data on the planet. Click the "CC" button in the bottom right to activate while programming is live. Even if every truck went automated today I would have very few good feelings about the FMCSA and DOT being able to care for the needs of my family. He is also an adjunct professor of operations management in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at the New York University School of Engineering. Sneak peek: Truck driver feeds 500 families for Thanksgiving, two Oregon trucking companies give away $10,000 in turkey, Ryder gives its frontline workers $30 million in holiday bonuses, and more. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, FreightWaves, Inc, Commentary: Trucking industry observations heading into 2020, Podcasts: FreightWaves FreightCasts Network, Celadon’s Chapter 11 Filing on December 8, Celadon’s bankruptcy is significant because it’s the largest for a truckload carrier, SEC charging the company with accounting fraud, SEC indicted William Eric Meek – Celadon’s former President and Chief Operating Officer, and Bobby Lee Peavler, Celadon’s former Chief Financial Officer, By certain counts nearly 800 trucking companies have already declared bankruptcy in 2019, more than doubling the count in 2018. reached 100% automatic freight brokering in top freight markets. Industry Data. Brian Laung Aoaeh writes about the reinvention of global supply chains, from the perspective of an early-stage technology venture capitalist. As we enter 2020 and the beginning of a new decade, here are three news items that may be indicators of phenomena worth watching in the trucking industry between now and 2023. The “government” interferes due to the industry lobbying them and industry abuse . TuSimple announced a pilot with the U.S. COVID-19 Coverage. On December 18, Convoy announced that it had reached 100% automatic freight brokering in top freight markets. Five Good Things in trucking: Thanksgiving edition. Alternatively, you can reach out to any member of the editorial team at FreightWaves at VIRTUAL INDUSTRY DAY FOR FLETC TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (December 18, 2020 | Online) Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) NC3 Enterprise Center (NEC) (January 13, 2020 | Online) Past Events. As Amazon Logistics’ capabilities have increased, it has started competing more directly and robustly with UPS and FedEx. Any sound company will adjust to the changing conditions and alter the way they conduct business to survive or if not they will go by the wayside. Also, TuSimple announced a pilot with the U.S. Oregon Trucking Associations (OTA) is a membership-based organization has been advocating, educating, and promoting the trucking industry for over 80 years. Indianapolis. The Amazon effect – pricing and technology. Charley Dehoney, my #MarketVoices counterpart, wrote an article which ran on FreightWaves on October 29, Logistics as a lambda function. Indiana Convention Center While I’m not completely secured with my job I still feel better than what I would working for another company. Sponsored by American Trucking Associations, Sponsored by The Machinery Haulers Association, Sponsored by Transportation Research Board, Sponsored by California Trucking Association, Sponsored by Midwest Association of Rail Shippers, Sponsored by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Sponsored by National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Sponsored by Conversion Interactive Agency, 950 N Glebe Road Suite 210, Arlington, VA 22203, Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition, Data Management, Quality and FMCSA Systems Training, XPO’s Europe Unit Sale Said to Slow as Blackstone Drops Out, Electric Last Mile Solutions Said to Be in Merger Talks, Lightning EMotors Said to Be in Talks to Go Public, Mnuchin Moves to Restart Stimulus Talks With Democrats, VW’s Traton to Build China Truck Factory in Expansion Push. Is it the company, the network it uses, the malfunctioning cell tower, the weather that blocked the signal, the software it runs, the programmer, or the truck manufactor(look at Winchester guns in Connecticut). Celadon’s bankruptcy is also interesting because it followed on the heels of the SEC charging the company with accounting fraud in April, and on December 3, the SEC indicted William Eric Meek – Celadon’s former President and Chief Operating Officer, and Bobby Lee Peavler, Celadon’s former Chief Financial Officer on charges of corporate fraud and accounting malpractice. News about Celadon’s Chapter 11 Filing on December 8 has consumed the trucking industry. Once we do and avoid government-enacted operating costs which now rise every year regardless, they knock us down and shove new restrictions, regulations, and unrecoverable operating costs on us as they sit back and belly laugh at our efforts to remain solvent.

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